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We are excited that you are joining the team of LIFEliners!
We've seen it time and time again, where a phone call can make all the difference in someone's day, and even their life.  It's no wonder this part of the ministry is so important to The Life House family.  And we appreciate your willingness to serve.

As a final step, please complete the INFORMATION PROTECTION AGREEMENT below.  When you're done, press the "SUBMIT" button and it will be forwarded to Debra McFadgen (Director of Evangelism).  And once it's submitted, you will be directed back to the Evangelism page on our website. 

Again, many thanks!  

Place a check beside each item you understand and agree to:
Please type your name in the "Your Signature" box, which will serve as your digital signature and agreement to the data you're submitting in this document.
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